International Law of Cultural Heritage: Illicit Trafficking Of Cultural Goods

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The illicit trafficking of cultural property is extensive and profitable. It transcends national borders, and presents complex challenges for both public and private entities worldwide. The shadowy unlawful trade in art and antiquities, which generates billions of dollars annually, funds other illicit activities, deprives peoples of their rightful heritage, erases part of the cultural identity of victimised societies, and destroys scientific evidence of humanity?s shared past.
Anauene Dias Soares, who has unrivalled academic background in both the legal and visual arts realms, in her International Cultural Heritage Law: The Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods delves into international and Brazilian regulations aimed at combatting the illicit trafficking of cultural property. Her research was developed with a felicitous illustration with the case of the unlawful creation of a part of the archaeological collection of the Instituto Cultural Banco Santos in São Paulo, shedding light upon the lessons learned from that notorious and regrettable case, which ought not to be forgotten.
With a growing acknowlegement of the importance of this topic internationally over the past few years, led by Latin America to a great extent within organizations such as UNESCO, this book could not be more timely, relevant, and necessary. In addition to contributing to a comprehensive consideration of the issue in the light of the national reality and complexity in Brazil, International Cultural Heritage Law: The Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Goods fulfills an important role in raising awareness of this problem, and filling the gap in providing source materials on this subject.
With the central message of the book being the ethical commitment to the protection of cultural heritage for current and future generations, Anauene Dias Soares aligns with Romain Rolland?s famous motto: ?pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will?, often attributed to Antonio Gramsci, who expanded it.

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