Buildings for industrial storage and distribution

Autor/es: J. Drury
Buildings for industrial storage and distribution
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The bible of the industrial storage and distribution industry and the manual of policy and practice. It provides information for those with empty buildings on their hands, those trying to find space for new and/or growing enterprises and those faced with the problem of how to manage multi-tenant, multi-use buildings. An outline of feasibility studies both from the standpoint of users looking for a building and buildings looking for a use is also included. One is matched with the other. The whole process is explained and placed in a legal and planning framework. Allowances for technological change and expansion are outlined as well as an explanation of the significance of various patterns of ownership, tenancy and management that can be adopted. As the container has been universally acepted for use in materials handling, this book is internationally relevant. INDICE: Introduction: Storage and distribution as a total system. Loading: Loading bay design, Vehicle sizes, weights and turning circles, Loading bay layout and gate entries, Waste handling equipment, Industrial doors, Loading dock equipment, Railway layouts. External storage: Design of container handling areas, Containers, Container handling plant. Mechanised storage: Tote boxes, Shelving, Racking, Pallets, General purpose handling aids, Pedestrian controlled handling plant, Forklifts, Packaging plant, Battery charging and maintenance areas, Tractor trains, Static vertical movement plant, Fixed path handling plant, Towline conveyors, Conveyors for warehouse use. Automated storage: Automated handling plant, Automated horizontal transport systems. Cold storage. Section 7 Special storage: Mobile buik handling plant, Conveyors for bulk materials, Bag loading equipment, Intermediate bulk containers, Mass densities.

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