Law and Economics Cases and Materials

Law and Economics Cases and Materials
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This book is the result of the work of a group of Law and Ecomics professors, mostly from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), within the scheme of the Network of Educational Innovation as convened by the UNED in the academic year of 2015/2016. The particular Project that has been developed in the mentioned call and reflected in this book is named ?Practical Application of theoretical knowledge in Law and Economics: A Bilingual and Interdisciplinary Approach?. It has been conceived as a continuation of some previous work, also carried out by the authors of this book, in which basic aspects of the Spanish Legal and Economic systems were explained from a theoretical point of view. So once the theoretical analysis and explanation of both legal and economic issues was accomplished, we have completed the training path by providing a practical approach. In order to achieve this objective we have elaborated different kind of exercises through which to put in to practice the theoretical contents. It is important to highlight the relevance of this dynamic as not only it allows the reader to assess the extent of his knowledge but also it reveals the utility of the disciplines in question. Despite the fact that the present book embraces a different approach from the mentioned theoretical studies that precede it, it shares their international orientation as well as their root. Indeed, the whole idea of elaborating academic materials in English related to Spanish legal and economic disciplines emerged eight years ago within the Erasmus IP Program that the UNED, together with two other European Distance Education Universities (Fern Universität in Germay and Open Universiteit in the Netherlands) have been implementing ever since. The program is conducted entirely in English and it is conceived for Law students from these UE countries that are willing to initiate, in an international environment, a comparative legal analysis of the Dutch, German and Spanish systems as part of their academic training. However, this book (as well as the mentioned previous works) is also intended to be of use for any Spanish student that is currently taken a bilingual degree in Law and for any Anglo speaker researcher or practitioner that needs to familiarize with the basic aspects of the Spanish legal and economic system as part of their professional or academic career. Índice FIRST PART. PUBLIC LAW ChapterI. Practical Exercises on Spanish Constitutional Law. María Garrote de Marcos Chapter II. Basic Practice of Criminal Law. José Núñez Ferández Chapter III. Practical Aspects of Spanish Procedural Law. Manuel Díaz Martínez Chapter IV. Practice of International Labour and Social Security Law. Belén Alonso-Olea García SECOND PART. PRIVATE LAW ChapterI. Civil law application from a jurisdictional practical perspective: An example of a commentary of a sentence from the High Court (Tribunal Supremo) Juan Carlos Menéndez Mato Chapter II. A Proposal for a basic Practice on Commercial Law: International Contract Law, Advertisement Law, Trademark and Competition Law. Eva M. Domínguez Pérez Chapter III. Practical Approach to Current Issues in Private International Law. Mónica Herranz Ballesteros THIRD PART. ECONOMICS Chapter I. The Economic Framework of Spanish Law in its Constitutional Context (A practical Aproach) Pablo de Diego Ángeles Chapter II. Practical Exercises in Spanish Economy. Nuria González Rabanal. Miryam de la Concepción González Rabanal

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