Law for Insurers in Spain and Portugal

Law for Insurers in Spain and Portugal
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This book is an in depth study of some difficult and specific legal subjects which are key in the development of Insurance business in Spain and Portugal, such as: Insurance contract, regulatory law, information requirements before and after the conclusion of the contract, nomination of person/s to benefit from a policy, Spanish life and non life Insurance taxation, Registry of Insurance policies covering death risk, prevention of Money laundering, etc. It is based on several reports that LEGSE Abogados has prepared over a period of 25 years, responding to some habitual questions asked by non Spanish/Portuguese Insurance companies, clients of this law firm. We hope this book will prove to be a useful guide. Índice INTRODUCTION I. SPAIN 1. Insurance regulations 2. Information requirements before and after the conclusion of the contract 3. Limiting clauses, language and payment of premium 4. Information requirements for distance marketing 5. Nomination of person/s to benefit from a policy and dormant policies (Life Insurance) 6. Some other recent amendments regarding Insurance Contract Act 7. Spanish life insurance taxation 8. Spanish non-Life Insurance taxation and surcharges 9. Penalties and interest tax. Tax Fraud Prevention Act 10. Registry of Insurance Policies Covering Death Risk 11. Data protection issues 12. Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing 13. Some issues about regulatory law 14. Rules on International Insurance law 15. Special reference to some relevant questions in relation to reinsurers from third countries (non-EEA) II. PORTUAL 1. Legal overview and framework 2. Insurance contract tax obligations 3. Insurance policies registers 4. ASF Regulatory Rule Nº 8/201-, Of 16 August 2016 ("AS Regulatory Rule") ANNEXES

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