Matrimonial property regimes throughout the world

Matrimonial property regimes throughout the world
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Matrimonial Propery Regimes throughout the World comprises an up to date, detailed and complete versión of each matrimonial regime thats exists worldwide. These are analysed on a country-by-country basis and, whenever relevant, with reference to the specific matrimoial property regimes of the correspondig autoomous regions, provinces or federates states, if they feature any particular son the matter wittin their political and administrative structures.

There are therefore many specifics covered since the descriptions feature not only the first statutory regime of each of the 194 independent countries in the world, but also the other systems existing therein, such as optional or second statutory supplementary regimes.

The book also covers other relevant matters, including details about the political and constitutional regime of each country, characteristics of assets, liabilities and powers of management of property which is subject to a matrimonial regime, changes to the regime, grounds for its dissolution and method of its liquidation. Lastly, each country?s review concludes with a list of bibliographical resources to which the reader may refer for an indepth review of the matter.

Matrimonial Property Regimes throughout the World has a clear commitment to universality, not only because of its rigorous and detailed analysis of the matrimonial regimes of the countries under review, but also because it presents the most updated and complete analysis of the matter, of indisputable practical value: in a world with an increasing movement of persons and capital, the detailed information about matrimonial regimes provided in this work becomes an essential tool in the field of Private International Law.

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