The European Council against EU Law

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The European Union (EU) will not survive without a vibrant democracy and a strong rule of law, and European leaders have the responsibility of treasuring these vital pillars. The author of this book, however, claims that EU leaders, far from fulfilling such an obligation, 
represent a fundamental risk to EU Law and EU
democratic decision-making.

This book is the first comprehensive study of EU
leaders? crucial decisions that have violated EU
Law at its highest level. From the German reunification to Brexit, all major decisions are scrutinized to build the irrefutable case that the actions of the European Council and the meetings of EU leaders during the most decisive European crises pose a risk for EU democracy.

The author, José Manuel Martínez Sierra, shaped this ambitious project during his decade at Harvard University where he was the
only Jean Monnet ad personam Chair in EU Law
and Government teaching and researching on
these topics. This book is dedicated to his Harvard students that suffered through the Trump administration and its harms to democracy. 

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