Tom of Finland - The Art of Pleasure

Tom of Finland - The Art of Pleasure
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"If I don´t have an erection when I´m doing a drawing, I know it´s no good." -Tom of Finland Brawny hunks boasting larger-than-life muscles and skin-tight leather pants.... Crotches engorged and nearly ripping apart seams.... Men upon men upon men cavorting and indulging nearly every possible fantasy.... Tom´s men are so hot they´mre off the Richter scale. Until TASCHEN published the retrospective volume on this master illustrator´s work, his drawings had been relegated to the walls of gay bars and adult shops. Our first publication of this book helped Tom´s influence as an artist extend far beyond the gay scene. Now this masterwork is finally being made available again, in a more compact format, for any and all to enjoy.

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